The materials used today for the manufacture of mattresses are diverse. Each one separately or combined among them, the possibilities are almost endless. One of these combinations is what generates the HR Visco mattress. As its name suggests, it combines HR foam and viscoelastic foam. These two materials make this type of mattress have special characteristics.

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What is an HR Visco mattress?

To be able to talk about what an HR Visco mattress is, we must first know the materials that make it up. These mattresses are generally economic, suitable for a wide variety of users.

HR foam:

By the name, we can come to think that it is a foam mattress like so many others. But no, the HR foam has a quality far superior in several aspects to the traditional one.

The first thing we notice in HR foam is its density. The higher the density, the greater the amount of material per square meter. This is the relationship between weight and volume, generally speaking, for example, of 30 kg / m3 foams.

It is usually the error to relate density with firmness, and they do not have to go hand in hand. The firmness will also depend on the combination of materials used to make that foam in concrete. Although the truth is that a higher density usually implies higher price, durability, breathability, strength, and resilience.

HR foam is high resilience foam (High Resilience) made from isocyanate. The density is usually greater than 25 kg / m3. The mattresses made with this foam are characterized by their firmness, adaptability, and resilience, which is nothing more than the ability to recover their original shape after deformation. Thus, when sleeping on an HR mattress we will notice that it adapts to the body’s shapes, and when we get up, the mattress will return to its original shape.

One of the great advantages of this material is that it is suitable for articulated beds. In this case, it should have certain characteristics: have a thickness of fewer than 20 centimeters and be profiled. In this way, we avoid that it is deformed on the bed base and we improve the durability.

HR Visco mattress: comfort and good support: